Testimonies of Healing

The following are reports with pictures and video of the Lord confirming with signs and wonders and of salvations and healings in the Name of Jesus!



This is a dramatic healing where this truck driver couldn’t walk without the crutches and couldn’t work because of an injury after prayer he walked without the crutches and is now back to work!

We commanded brand new eye balls for this mans mother. Jesus healed her eyes. This is his testimony.

Doctors sent Puablo home to die. His kidneys were failing. Prostate, kidneys and liver were failing. We commanded healing for this precious man on February 25, 2017. Two days he was sitting up and Francisco talked with him in May of 2017 in his town of Playa El Tunco El Salvador.

Puablos is NOT DEAD Jesus healed him. Since this testimony we talked with him in May and the doctors said that his second kidney needs attention as he is totally healed. Thank you Jesus.


Jose feels the touch of God

Grandma had the faith that when brother Tomas came to Honduras. He would pray for him and God will heal this boy of a bad heart. He would get out of breath very easily. Doctors reported that it is a miracle.

This man was electrocuted in a work related accident and needed surgery. After praying for healing in Jesus name the pain left him. Thank you Jesus.

Francisco and I prayed for this Precious man in La Libertad El Salvador.

Jesus heals the mute!

This precious lady could not speak for nine months prior to us praying for her in Jesus name.