God’s love is not fake.

God’s love is not fake and it requires one to interact with him intimately and honestly. We must engage him and be serious in giving him all we have. As we draw near to him he draws near to us.

On this trip to El Salvador we have given God what we have in our hands. Betty and I by faith have dedicated our lives to serving God by serving others by his love and power that flows through us. We have decided to invest our time, finances. We live by faith and not by sight which means we are out of our minds. We have the mind of Christ and being out of our minds is a good place to be. Operating out of our comfort zone in a foreign country with other like minded believers bringing the Good news of Jesus Christ to the people whom God earnestly desires to be their Father. Having the mind of Christ helps us focus on God’s truth and what his word says instead of our carnal experiences of how things should or could be. God’s plans have has his power to fulfill them. God has a plan no one to perish but have eternal life.

Jesus said; I am the way, life and the truth no man come to the father except through me.

God is Holy and you and I are NOT Holy except by being washed by the blood of the lamb (Jesus) as we chose by faith to surrender our lives to him by believing in our heart and confessing with our mouth that Jesus is Lord. When God is our Lord we surrender our life of living by the flesh, worldly, self centered desires and ambitions called Sin. Doing good works and trying to be good, separate from God will not reconcile us to God the Father. God can NOT tolerate sin.

Through one man Adam sin entered the world. The last Adam, Jesus who lived a life of no sin became sin in our place and died a brutal death by crucifixion on the cross at Calvary.

Jesus did what he heard his Father say and was led by the Holy Spirit. Jesus went teaching preaching and healing.

Martha told the disciples of his resurrection an they did not believe her. Jesus rebuked their unbelief not them.

The GOOD NEWS is the full gospel of Jesus Christ. I do not serve a wimpy God who is distant. I have chosen to be in covenant with an almighty, jealous God who has a very high expectation of how I live my life representing him. I have chosen to follow Jesus, no turning back, though no one go with me and some may be against me and say I am out of my mind. I don’t give a ripy skippy. They never died for me Jesus did.

Jesus lived a life if no sin, became sin, took my place on the cross and died. Three days later he overcame death and arose. Jesus went to Hell and came back with the keys of the kingdom of heaven. He arose to Heaven and sits at the right side of the Father with authority. All authority in heaven has been given to him. He tells us that when in the bible it says go out in the world and make disciples.

I live by the Spirit and not by the law. I live in obedience to God and all my being is to have a an intimate relationship with the God the Father through his Son Jesus Christ and be led by the Holy Spirit.

I hear God’s voice as the bible says the sheep hears the Shepard voice

I have VERY HIGH expectations of God. God is not a man he should lie. I speak miracles out of my mouth in Jesus name and I expect them to happen and they do. I teach the word of God to others and they get great results as God is not a repector of persons.

Fatima experienced her Fathers love as Jesus healed her hand and took the pain away.


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